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About Us

Our History

We serve the best and most authentic Nepali and Indian foods. We are in the heart of Cambridge, located at 119 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139.  

The main goal of this restaurant is to provide the taste of Nepali and Indian food and represent the culture. Our highly skilled chefs are eager to make your styled spiced food and drinks. 

Fresh Food

We use fresh vegetables, meat, spices, and others to make a delicious meal and drinks. Our skilled chefs are eager to cook your styled spiced food.

Great Location

We are located in the heart of Cambridge. It is the center of Boston, Somerville, and Brookline. It is perfect place to taste Indian, and Nepali cuisine.

Fast Delivery

We offer free, fast, and safe delivery up to a 3 mile radius from our restaurant address.

Make A Reservation

We offer reservation services directly through our website. However, it is very convenient and easy to reserve through our phone at (617) 714 – 3904